60 Ton Steel Track Undercarriage
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60 Ton Steel Track Undercarriage

BONNY HYDRAULICS is the specialized manufacturer of 60 Ton Steel Track Undercarriage from China. We can customize 60 ton steel track undercarriage based on customer requirements with different dimensions. It can be widely applied for the application of drilling machines (core drill, horizontal directional drilling rig, belt engineering drill, and engineering rig), construction machines, mining machines, colliery, agricultural and gardening machines.
Since the establishment of Bonny, we keep the whole world in view and blaze steadily new trails. By now, we have developed various Custom Built 60 ton steel Track Undercarriage. Meanwhile, we have a lot of experience engineers who can provide you technical support and technical consultancy to meet your needs.

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Product Description

Features of 60 Ton Steel Track Undercarriage

1. Adopt steel tracks or .steel tracks and block rubber.

2. The track motor can be fixed displacement or variable displacement concealed planetary gearbox and hydraulic motor, such as Nabtesco (Japen), Brevini (Italia). If you need, we can also provide track motor made by our own factory.

3. The beam is made of Q345B with high loading capacity.

4. It can also be designed and manufactured on customers' request.

5. It is widely applied in all kinds of large drilling rig, excavator, paver, Aerial Working Platform and construction engineering machines.


Technical parameters of 60 ton Steel Track Undercarriage

Dimension can be customized

(length A, width of track shoe E, height C)

If cross member is required, please also offer the dimension D and F.

Frame connection type of  track undercarriage for your selection

Bracketed Frame

A bracketed frame with machined plates provide a simple bolt on interface reducing assembly time. Standard bracketed models are available in many sizes.

Weld-On Frame (Unbracketed)

A plain sided frame for your own connection method. This style can be incorporated into your chassis design allowing for the narrowest machine width. Our substantial frames allow a secure interface.

Oscillating Frame

Oscillating frames, typically found on drilling rigs, precision manufactured to your specific requirements, or a collaboratively engineered solution.

Cross Beam Track Systems

Our fabricated cross beam chassis design offers the customer the ultimate in assembly simplicity. This connection method allows the machine to simply be placed on top and fixed in place.




Structure of 60 ton Steel Track Undercarriage

Type of steel crawler track undercarriage for selection:

A. Steel track undercarriage;

B. Rubber track undercarriage;

C. Steel track undercarriage with rubber pads

Application of 60 ton Steel Track Undercarriage

Drilling machine: Anchor drilling rig, water well drilling rig, core drilling rig, Jet drilling rig, down-hole drilling rig, hydraulic crawler drilling rig, for poling rig, multipurpose drilling rig, no-dig drilling rig, etc.

Construction machinery machine: mini excavator, mini pilling machine, Aerial work platform, Small transport loading equipment, etc.

Coaling machine: slag-raking machine, tunnel drilling rig, hydraulic drilling machine, rock loader, etc

Mining machine: mobile crusher, heading machine, conveying equipment, etc.

Agriculture machine: Sugar cane harvester, lawn mower, compost turner, ditching machine, etc

Package of 60 ton Steel Track Undercarriage




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